Policy and Application
Please read carefully and throughly.

• In accordance with Burlingame United Methodist Church's Good Shepherd Policy which promotes safety for children, a parent or caregiver age 18 or older is required to be in the same room during private lessons and in the same room during group lessons (unless there are two teachers in the room).

• Parents involvement is imperative in children's music learning. Students whose parents help them practice at home improve much faster.

• Cancellation Policy: We require a 48-hour cancellation notice in order for an absence to be considered excused. We will schedule make up lessons/classes for an excused absence. There will be no make­up lessons/classes for missed lessons without a 48-hour notice. The Music School is committed to pay the teacher for the scheduled lesson. To retain quality instructors, the music school must pay the teacher whether the student attends the lesson or not. Therefore, this policy will be strictly enforced.

• If a teacher is absent, a make-up lesson will be scheduled.

• Recitals and other performance opportunities: we host two recitals a year in the beautiful BUMC sanctuary. Though not mandatory, we believe that by performing for others, students will be inspired by other performers, inspire others, and gain self-confidence and appreciate music. Students are invited to perform for BUMC services and events.

• Scholarship applications are available upon request. Please email the director.

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